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Entry requirements for degree programmes at Unimore

Foreign study qualification

The procedure to enrol in a Bachelor’s Degree Programme (three years), Single-cycle Master Degree Programme (five years), or Master’s Degree Programme (two-years) for students holding a foreign study qualification differs depending on whether the student is a:

  • non-EU citizen resident abroad
  • EU citizen or non-EU citizen resident in Italy

These procedures are subject to current and future emergency provisions by the Italian Government and European Union to prevent and curb Covid-19 virus epidemic.

Fees and Scholarships

Before deciding on a degree program, it is important to estimate how much academic life will cost you. For this, you have to take into account tuition fees, living expenses in the city of Modena or Reggio Emilia, and whether or not you think you will be eligible for a scholarship and/or student benefits.

You contribute to the cost of your education by paying tuition. The amount you pay depends on the degree course you choose. Tuition costs per academic year are approximately as indicated in the table below.

Degree programmes Fees per academic year
Bachelor’s programmes (Lauree) min. €660 – max. €1,800
Bachelor’s programmes in Dental Hygiene min. €1,100 – max. €2,300
Master’s programmes (Lauree magistrali) min. €660 – max. €2,000
Single-cycle master’s degree programmes (Lauree magistrali a ciclo unico) min. €660 – max. €1,950
Single-cycle master’s degree programme in Dental medicine min. €800 – max. €3,200
Doctoral research programmes (Dottorati di ricerca) min. €450 – max. €1,500
Specialisation Schools min. €900 – max. €1,700
Vocational master programmes (Master di I livello) min. €1,500 – max. €5,000
Advanced master programmes (Master di II livello) min. €1,500 – max. €5,000


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Each year, tuition fee must be paid in four instalments:

  • the first instalment at the time of enrolment;
  • the second instalment before the end of November;
  • the third instalment before the end of February;
  • the fourth instalment before the end of April.

Penalties are charged in case of late payments.

While enrolled in UNIMORE, students are entitled to insurance coverage for personal accidents and third party liability. Third party liability insurance is also valid for medical students working in hospitals.


UNIMORE offers scholarships, tuition fees exemption or reduction and other benefits to all its students.

ER.GO. scholarships

ER.GO. scholarships are a financial support to students, provided on a competitive basis. The scholarship application must be submitted every Academic Year within the deadlines set out in the call for application.

The scholarship’s amounts may vary based on:

  • financial situation of the student’s household.
  • place of residence or domicile.

To be eligible for ER.GO. scholarship, students must apply online and:

  • enrol in the University within the deadlines;
  • meet the economic and merit requirements stated in the call for scholarship application;
  • submit the application within the deadlines indicated in the call for scholarship application.

The call for scholarship application provides all the information needed to apply and it is published every year in July on ER.GO. website.

NO TAX AREA exemption

UNIMORE exempts students from the payment of tuition fees if they meet specific requirements:

  • Indicator of Equivalent Financial Situation not higher than € 23,000;
  • Merit requirement as number of ECTS achieved by the student in the previous Academic Year, if any

Students will only have to pay € 159.05, which includes regional tax, stamp duty and insurance.

Students must apply online within the deadlines; students may also apply before the enrolment.

Tuition fees reduction

Beyond the Economic Situation Indicator threshold of € 23,000 and up to € 45,000, tuition fees are calculated progressively and differentiated based on the specific degree programme.

Students must apply online within the deadlines; students may also apply before the enrolment.

TOP STUDENT exemption

TOP STUDENT exemption is a total merit-based exemption for students enrolled in the first year of a Master’s programmes. UNIMORE exempts students enrolled for the first year of a Master’s programme from the payment of a part or the total amount of tuition fees if they meet specific merit requirements.
Students can apply for TOP STUDENT exemption if they graduated in a Bachelor’s degree programme obtaining a score of at least 110/110.

Students residing in a municipality of Emilia Romagna shall pay the first instalment of tuition fees of €859.05 in order to be enrolled at the University and will be exempted from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th instalment.

Students residing in a municipality outside Emilia Romagna will only have to pay €159.05, which includes regional tax, stamp duty and insurance. 

Students previously enrolled in a Master’s degree programme or enrolled in the second year of a UNIMORE Master’s degree programme are not eligible for the TOP STUDENT exemption.

Students may also apply for TOP STUDENT exemption at www.er-go.it before the enrolment.

Part-time collaborations

Students may work part-time (for a total of 200 hours/year) at UNIMORE, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the call for applications. Students enrolled in the first year of Bachelor’s programme and of single-cycle Master’s degree programmes cannot apply for paid part-time work. Part-time collaborations are paid but they do not constitute an employment relationship. Part-time collaborations are provided on a competitive basis; students must meet various requirements:

  • Enrolment or student career requirements;
  • Merit requirements;
  • Financial requirements.

Grants awarded by the Foreign Governments or Institutions

UNI-CO-RE: University Corridors for Refugees

UNI-CO-RE was created to allow refugee students in Ethiopia to continue their academic career at UNIMORE.

The project is promoted by UNHCR Italy – UN Agency for Refugees and carried out thanks to the support of the: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Caritas Italiana, Centro Astalli and Gandhi Charity.

The project is financially supported by UNIMORE, ER.GO – Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies of Emilia-Romagna and other regional institutions, and local partners.


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John Smith, Unimore alumnus

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